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linguaphiles's Journal

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A community for people who love language to discuss all aspects of languages and linguistics
Community Purpose: This community is for those interested in languages. Anyone is welcome, from amateurs to professionals. Any topic related to languages, linguistics, grammar, history, etymology, morphology, or any related topics may be discussed. Questions related to one specific language are also welcome.

The Golden Rule of Linguaphiles is:
If You Got in Trouble for It in Kindergarten, Do Not Do it on Linguaphiles.

How to contact the maintainers:
1. The main address to contact all the maintainers simultaneously is linguaphiles-maintainers AT yahoogroups DOT com.
2. You may contact the maintainers individually in the following way:
  • alcarilinque: Please comment on one of my public entries.
  • bugtilaheh: Please comment on one of my public entries.
  • muckefuck: Please send me a message.
  • oryx_and_crake: Please comment on one of my public entries.
  • pne: Please email me at username at livejournal dot com.

Note on language when posting: The primary lingua franca of linguaphiles is English and to the extent possible, it is preferred that posts be in standard, educated English of any variety. Foul language and Netspeak are generally discouraged except when discussing those topics (and discussions on those topics are welcomed).

If you are unable to fully express your question or comment or post in English, either because you feel more comfortable speaking another language or because you find it easier to discuss a language in that language, you may post in a non-English language. We ask that if possible, you please begin with a short explanation in English of what you are writing about, for example "This is a news article in Spanish about indigenous languages in Mexico" or "This is a question in French about how to use the imperfective aspect in Russian."

Members are reminded that a great many people on this community are students of one language or another, and should bear in mind that inappropriate colloquialisms may be due to the poster's not fully grasping the nuances of the language in which he or she is writing. A gentle correction is always appropriate; however, please do not harshly chastise a poster for inappropriate language. (In the case of foul language aimed at another member, please do not respond in kind; instead, notify the maintainers at linguaphiles-maintainers@yahoogroups.com.)

Questionable content: Posts related to (1) tattoos and (2) "how do you say" posts (e.g. "How do you say 'hello' in every language in the world?") are expressly permitted. If you are not interested in reading such posts, simply scroll past them.

However, some such phrases - including "hello", "I love you", "happy birthday", and "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" - are frequently requested, not just on LiveJournal but elsewhere, and there are web pages dedicated to listing translations of certain phrases. Those web pages are of variable quality (for example, some transliterate everything to the Roman alphabet, ignoring diacritics in the process).

That being said, we've heard good things about the quality of translations at http://www.omniglot.com/language/phrases/ and its sub-pages, and about the responsiveness of the maintainer to corrections and updates. http://www.elite.net/~runner/jennifers/ has an impressive number of languages; note that it only gives Romanisations. If you know of other good resources, please let the maintainers know.

If you want to discuss stories or poetry, we would like to ask you to just link to it rather than posting it. In any case, please post stories and poetry only if it's relevant to the community.

Introductory posts: You are welcome to give an introductory posting when you join this community, letting us know what your native language(s) is/are, what other languages you know, how long you have been studying them for, and to what extent you are fluent in them.

When to use an LJ-cut: If you post long entries (e.g. word lists) or images (particularly multiple or large images), please make use of the lj-cut tag.

We would like to ask you to please use an lj-cut with a warning if you post anything that could be considered offensive, e.g. a translation request of something potentially offensive or a discussion of obscene language. Thank you.

Homework: We also ask that you not post requests for the community to do your homework! It is permitted to post your completed homework and ask for corrections/suggestions, unless your teacher/professor has specifically prohibited your asking for outside help (as on a take-home exam). It is not permitted to post either (1) your assignment as-is and ask people to do it for you or (2) messages of the "Hey, who can translate my Japanese paper into Japanese for me?" type.

Memories and tags: The memories of this community contain a number of interesting topics discussed in the past. If you think a posting is memorable (either a recent posting or an old posting you found browsing the community), please contact any of the maintainers, and it may be added to the memories.

Please tag your posts. If a tag is not available, please feel free to leave a note in your post (preferably in bold and outside any LJ-cut) asking a maintainer to create it.

How to type accented characters, Cyrillic, etc.:

See also:


армия, история, образование, общество, происшествия, религия, литература, музыка, животные, путешествия, медицина, космос, наука, отношения, напитки, праздники, цветы, лингвистика

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