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Finnish Sampo and Vedic Stambha (स्तम्भ )

sammas, gen. samba, also Sampo (Fin., Est.) - in Finnic mythology: space pillar, pillar that supports the sky; a magic mill, the roof of which symbolizes the star-studded celestial dome revolving around the central axis - the pillar on which the whole World rests; according to Graham Hancock, the Sampo mill represents the precession of the Earth's axis of rotation, the full cycle of which is about 25,765 years: http://kladina.narod.ru/hancock/chast5.htm ; См. https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Прецессия ).

स्तम्भ [stambha, skambha; стамбха, скамбха] (Sanskrit) - in the Indian Vedas, the column connecting the Heavens (svarga) and the Earth (prithivi); also a monumental stone pillar in Indian architecture topped with a lotus-shaped capital.

жамба [zhamba] (Ingush language, Caucasus) - a column from the middle and above.

[samba] (Papua, documented by Miklouho-Maclay) - a leg;
sampean (Sudan) - a foot;
zampa (It.), zuppa (Corsican) - a foot, a pawn of an animal;
gamba (It.), jambe (Fr.) - a leg;
këmbë (Alb.) - a leg.

kabute (Sebua, Philippines) - a mushroom;
гоб [gob] (Komi) - a mushroom;
губа, pl. губы [guba, guby] (Rus. dial.), houby (Czech), huba (Slovak), gob, goba (Slovenian), гъба (Bulgarian) - a mushroom;
[ǧumba] غومبه (Pashto) - a swelling; a mushroom;
гөмбә, gömbä (Tatar), кӑмпа (Chuvash), kömelek (Turkmen), göbələk, köbələk (Azeri) - a mushroom;
gomba (Hung.) - a mushroom;
тхъумб [t'humb] (Adyg, Caucasus) - a mushroom;
खुंभी [khumbhī] (Hindi), ਖੁੰਭ [khubha] (Pandjabi) - a mushroom;
supa (Sudan) - a mushroom;
sopp (Norw.) - a mushroom;
svamp (Sw., Dan.) - a mushroom.

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