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Variable initial elements in words ("idle prosthesis") and unrecognized related words

A word that does not have strong ties and roots in a language, having lost its primary meaning, becomes a simple 'nominal unit'. It falls out of the language system, turning into a dull nameplate, one of many in a long line of similar gray and rootless icons, similar to prison numbers on the backs of prisoners. And then the consideration of convenience and usefulness commences to play its role.

The 'nameplate' word is being brought into line with this requirement. It is 'cut' and 'polished' in such a way that individual sounds 'fly off' from it in splinters and further distance it from other words within the framework of one language, as well as the entire community of languages.

In Russian such words, for example, include the word КРОВ [КРОВ] ('roof') with the initial sound "K" - but the relation to the English word ROOF is not recognized by philologists of official linguistic schools.

Valery Osipov, PhD

Осипов В.Д. Единый язык человечества
Tags: english, language, language history, russian

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