I guess basic is too basic.

You have to love how slang evolves. In my day, insulting someone was dissing someone from the word disrespect. Now it is throwing shade, especially when it is subtle. A person who does it is shady. A new has also come on the scene to describe someone or something out of date or old-fashioned cheugy. A confused tiktoker mentioned it, which inspired a NY Times article exploring its meaning and use. Hillary Duff also wondered if she was cheugy. She probably is because she is not of the generation that invented and uses this term.
The term made me laugh. After all, it sounds too sophisticated to be slang because it looks like it is of foreign origin like the french derived related word passé. In my day, such a person was a square. Maybe the point of this term is to make the user feel smarter or keep us cheugies guessing.


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