magaretnahmias wrote in linguaphiles

Do not let the varying perceptions of native speakers get you down. They are not professional teachers. Therefore, they will be unable to evaluate your abilities fully. Their reaction to foreigners is relative to their experience with them. It has been my experience that people perceive my Spanish abilities and accent differently.  Th

Don't fear "for a foreigner" comparison either. I know this might be frustrating when you try hard to fit in.  The statement is not insulting unless someone says it mockingly. To me, it acknowledges the effort I invested in learning the language that a native speaker would have acquired naturally. I know I will not sound the same as them, but I can try to improve.   Their confidence in my abilities and patience matter more to me. This also why I tell people that I am not a native speaker, so if I make an unusual mistake, the native speaker will know why. Don't be afraid to mention it when it feels appropriate.


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