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Pandemic Spanish

I know I may  be  a little late with this post  by maybe you just starting learning Spanish now, or have not learned vocabulary related to COVID-19 before. So I will sharing a little basic voculbary which some pronunciation  and grammatical tips for the English acronyms for the diease in Spanish

One of the most varied words in this category is the one for face mask.   La mascarilla, a diminutive of mascara  and the only that really applies to a mask  (whether for the face or skin).  The definition is a mask the covers mouth and nose to protect from pathogens   Tapabocas is also used but that can also refer to somethings that covers  an opening on a machine or even device. Cubrebocas is  new  that is doesn't even appear in the official Royal  Academy  dictionary as I write this.  In Argentina  Uruguay   Bolivia and Paraguay  the term barbijo is used  but  this word  also refers to a chin strap (barbaquejo in other reigions   and will translated as such by machine translators .  La mascarilla is the one I use most and recommend if you have to be neutral.  However, you should be aware of  these alternate  terms if you go where they are used speak to those who use them.

Hand santizer- alcohol en gel literally  gel alcohol.  You may also see desinfectante de manos.  However with the pouplarity  of the non-standard verb santizar for sanitize I wouldn't be surprised if a noun form appears despite the academy's objections 

Pandemic- La pandemia.  If you have studied  or are a native Brazilian Portuguese speaker, please be aware that stress of the word is different although it is cognate in Spanish as shown here


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