magaretnahmias wrote in linguaphiles

Intro to the group.

My   name is Margaret  Nahmias.  I fit the name of this group.  I like learning a little about even languages I have not studied.  My native language is English  and I am fluent in Spanish and know a little of Brazilian Portuguese.  If anyone wants to know my history with Spanish  I can post in the group.  In my main journal I have some entries in Spanish  and  Spanish vocabulary lessons for different situation

If you want to talk to me keep in mind I am not a teacher nor would I want to teach uyu . I am most interested in conversation to practice or to help you practice.  I am patient though but do expect gentle and subtle correction  if it is not understandble.  If you are really high level I will be even more demanding   to help you sound more natural in  American English.  If you speak Spanish I may ask you to repeat what you meant in Spanish to get a better idea of what you mean.Don't be discouraged with that though.  This help me  help you when the intended meaning is not clear 

I like to stay in one  language or the other to challenge vocabulary and skills.  Unless I am clearly having a hard time in your or vice versa let's not switch every phrase or mix. 


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