Barszczow A. N. (orpheus_samhain) wrote in linguaphiles,
Barszczow A. N.

ENGLISH: Help with understanding

I am watching a lecture by Robert Sapolsky about human behaviour and similarities/differences to/from other animals, and and at about 00:13:20 he talks about male chimpanzees patrolling the borders of their territory, and then I cannot understand the logic of what he's saying.

"And what is very significant is almost certainly all of these male chimps are brothers or close cousins be really scared when the males in the next valley over are getting along with each other because this may be one consequence."

What puzzles me is this "be" before "really scared". Does it make sense to you? Maybe he made some shortcut or maybe I didn't hear something. Could you please help me with this?
Tags: english

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