Bychoice (bychoice) wrote in linguaphiles,

Translation from German

Can anyone translate this for me? An acquaintance found it with his wife's father's papers.


Thanks in advance for your help.
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I would have thought, all Freud’s letters have been already translated...
Mein Lehrer Brücke pflegte zu sagen: "Die Natur hat keine Eile und was sie macht, kostet sie nichts."
February 25, 1925. Sigmund Freud


January 11 2019, 12:39:45 UTC 5 months ago Edited:  January 11 2019, 12:40:39 UTC

sorry, forgot the translation: "My teacher Brücke used to say: Nature is not in a hurry and what she does is of no cost to her." (or it, but I think it makes sense to give it a gender here, for style purposes)
Thank you so much!
I agree on both counts, for what it's worth. It's hard to read: The outdated handwriting suggests that it was indeed written 1925, as per the date at the bottom - or if that is the date the quote carries, then it would probably have been written by somebody who learned to write 1910 or so at the latest, if memory serves. :)
That's so interesting!!! Thank you!!!
Glad to be of service :)