Старый Шкипер (ancient_skipper) wrote in linguaphiles,
Старый Шкипер

A Plummer for Kent

Hoare had never heard of a Captain Kent. "A bit of a jump for him, isn't it?"
"Yes. He was slated for Eager, 28, but Their Lordships at the Admiralty had to give her to Plummer. Then Kent's uncle, Featherstonehaugh, put up such a row in the House that they gave him Vantage instead to keep him quiet."
"A Plummer for Kent, eh?" he whispered. Hoare surprised himself at the words. He could not remember the last time he had uttered an impromptu joke.
Year 1805, talking of royal navy officers

What does this impromptu joke mean? Some historical hint or nautical phrase?
Thank you!

P.S. Case closed :)
Many thanks to all participants!

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