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Needed: Help with survey

Dear linguaphiles,

Linguistics needs your help! Well... I need your help. ;) I am currently writing a paper on word-finding difficulties in older adults - arguably one of the most common complaints when older people talk about their language abilities. I am doing a behavioral study on whether older adults experience more or fewer word-finding problems when the words they had to produce or recognize were related to specific movements that you perform when you interact with them or when you perform the action they describe.
Of course, in addition to my old people who have to process these words, I also need independent people who tell me whether they consider these words to be related to motor skills or not. Could you help me with that?

There are three different questionnaires, depending on your native language:

I would be very grateful if you could help me out with this! :) (And if you do, please make sure to read the instructions and examples carefully because in the past I've had people misunderstand what I mean when I say "movements" - my mistake, not theirs, so I clarified this a bit.)

Thanks so much in advance!
Tags: dutch, english, german, research projects, surveys/quizzes

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