Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote in linguaphiles,
Marcus L. Rowland

Help with a Russian address.

I'm trying to resolve a problem with a package that was sent to Russia three months ago (an eBay sale) and has been returned unopened with a label saying it "wasn't collected". Basically, what I want to know is if the address was the person's home or a Post Office box.

the address was

(name of person)
KIMa 9 xx (xx is a two digit number)
Russian Federation

It's a bit of a mystery since he has never made any claim for a missing item, or given me any reason to suspect it hadn't arrived. I want to get my facts straight before I contact him.

solved - it's a flat number - I think that they must have tried to deliver it but failed, then he didn't collect it from the post office or something. That helps a lot, many thanks to everyone who responded. I've now contacted the buyer and am waiting to hear back from him on ways to sort this out.
Tags: russian

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