История и Языки (rus_sumer) wrote in linguaphiles,
История и Языки

Is there a language with one vowel sound?

Abkhazian and Abazin languages ​​are considered as "record
holders" for "economy", which are "dispensed" by two vowels: A and Y [ә].

In Russian, for example, there are 6 of them: A E I O U and Y [ә] .

The same pair of vowels (A, Y) with the addition of a long "A" cost
Kabardino-Circassian, Adyghe and Ubykh languages. And there is a
suspicion that all three vowels of these Caucasian languages ​​are only
variants of a single phoneme [ә].

* Are there languages ​​with a single vowel sound?

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