Marissa (smnwaters211) wrote in linguaphiles,

Italian help?

Hello, Linguaphiles - it's been a while!!

I would be much obliged if someone with Italian expertise could help me translate a short note from English. This will be a handwritten note to accompany a wedding invitation (in English). The note is going to a close friend of my fiancé's family - an elderly woman whose grasp of English is tenuous. I'd like the tone to be respectful but warm. I've met her, but only once, at another wedding!

"Dear Nicoletta,

We hope that you are well! We would be delighted to have your company at our wedding in Jamaica this October, but understand if you will be unable to make the trip. In the joyful event that you are able to join us, we would imagine that Nick's Uncle Paul would be happy to assist you with arranging your travel and accommodations through our travel agent, Ms. Sarah X (800-xxx-xxxx)

Affectionately yours,
[Joe and Jill]"

...Thanks SO much, Linguaphiles!! This is my first time on LJ in ages, just because I can't think of anywhere better to go for translation help. <3  I don't want to offend her or imply that she's incapable of making her own reservation

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