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Gran's Sayings. CRASSNESS ALERT FOR #3.

My siblings and I are compiling odd things that our grandparents and parents said. Three of Gran's ([1900-1986], mother immigrated 1890 from Devon, England, father born and raised in Nebraska; she enjoyed Nebraska small town upbringing until 1936, when relocated to northern California forever) sayings baffle us. Would anyone else have heard of:

1. "Eskimo" for anything mildly objectionable. "Don't wear green with purple, that's Eskimo!"

2. "Kookoomaw" for anything really objectionable. "Ugh, that's kookoomaw! Throw it out!" (referring to moldy cheese fallen to the rear of the refrigerator)

3. "Let wind be free, for there shall be no other God before thee" said when hearing a fart.
Tags: idiolects, idioms, midwest, slang

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