Г-н Фаршеклоакин (spamsink) wrote in linguaphiles,
Г-н Фаршеклоакин

KO == Not OK

I've noticed that the acronym KO in French and Italian informal communication can mean simply "not OK" without particular relation to the original meaning "Knock Out".

Specifically, in French at work (OK = "test passing", "KO" = "test failing"), and in Italian here (scroll down for the history of Russian revolution in hand-drawn cartoons with Italian captions): the very first one has "guerra KO", another one close to the bottom has


Industria pesante OK
Industria leggera KO

How is that "KO" pronounced in French and Italian? What other languages use that meaning of "KO"?
Tags: french, italian

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April 1 2017, 15:33:03 UTC 4 years ago

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"Kah oh" in french, really just like the letters k and o are pronounced when reciting the alphabet in french. It's also an homophone of "chaos".

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