at least 10% Discocunt (biascut) wrote in linguaphiles,
at least 10% Discocunt

I don't want it salad

My daughter is two-and-a-bit, and monolingual English (although she's learning Spanish and Urdu at nursery!) One of her favourite sentence structures for the last couple of months has been to have both a pronoun and a noun in her sentence, as in: "I don't want it salad", "I want it banana", "You go up it stairs", "She can't find it teddy." For separable verbs, the "it" goes in the middle and the noun on the end: "You put it down dolly".

This definitely feels like it is correct grammar in some language, even if it's not in English! Her other mum and me are familiar with German, Irish, French, Spanish and Russian between us. French has "La salade, je ne la veux pas", which is close to what she's doing. Are there any languages where her syntax would be correct?
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