Drama Shark (varyar) wrote in linguaphiles,
Drama Shark

Help with written Irish accents!

Hey all,

I know this is not perhaps strictly on topic, but I hope it's okay to post the request here.

A few months ago, I finished an occult detective story set in 19th century Ireland and I've recently gone back to it to get it ready for publication on the Kindle. At the time, and even more so in hindsight, I'm a little hesitant about the Irish accents I set down. Put simply, I'm worried all the Irish people sound far too much like Hollywood leprechauns. Is there anybody out there familiar with the era (1891) and location (the coast of County Mayo) who'd be willing to go through the text and offer some suggestions? I'd be greatly in your debt. Let me know, please and thank you!
Tags: irish

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