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First time poster posting question re slang behind cut per community rules.

Hello.  The phrase is getting down to the short digs meaning the last moments before a man comes, when everything gets hot and heavy.  I've never heard or read of the phrase applying to women, but it could apply to the whole sex scene without differentiating.  Googling gets various interesting things which make me smile and you'd think Urban Dictionary would have this, but not in my search.  I'm glad to be corrected and am curious if anyone else has heard this phrase.

I speak American English *West Coast* and studied French, German and Spanish eons ago.

EAD 100416: Urban Dictionary contains 'down to the short strokes' with similar meaning. I am certain I heard/read 'digs' and am willing to call case closed, but not 'found.' Thanks for all the contributions. I've asked on whatwasthatone as well, so we shall see if anyone answers.

Happy World Animal Day, the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi.
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