Г-н Фаршеклоакин (spamsink) wrote in linguaphiles,
Г-н Фаршеклоакин

Gender of French "gens"

Today I learned that the French word "gens" (people) takes masculine or feminine forms of adjectives depending on several factors: http://platea.pntic.mec.es/cvera/hotpot/gens.pdf
Most of the time the masculine forms are used; the notable exception is when the word "gens" is preceded by an adjective: "les bonnes gens", but not when "gens" is part of a noun phrase: "De courageux gens de guerre".
I'd like to ask the Francophones of the community, how jarring would it be to hear a masculine form when a feminine form is required, like "les beaux gens"?

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