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English punctuation question

What is the correct way to punctuate the following sentence in terms of hyphens and en dashes? Never mind the awkwardness of the word order; I am asking how you would punctuate this construction as it is:

She is brand*name*school*educated.

Some thoughts and questions on my part:

1) Brand and name get a hyphen between them; an analogous usage would be (as in my dictionary) younger writers who clamber toward brand-name status.

2) Do brand-name and school get a mark between them? I am thinking not, because you would just say (as the sentence really should) she went to a brand-name school.

3) Brand-name*school (however you mark it) and educated get a mark between them, because you would say she is Stanford-educated.

4) But! Should the mark referred to in #3 actually be an en dash, because that mark is indicating hyphenation between terms one of which is already hyphenated?

My best guess given points 1-4 is: She is brand-name school–educated. That is, I would put a hyphen between brand and name, nothing between brand-name and school, and an en dash between school and educated.

But I really have no idea what I'm talking about. What do youall think?
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