tongueroo (tongueroo) wrote in linguaphiles,

English text reading - non-native accent

I recorded a short extract, just one page, from a book
on reality TV talent shows (a rather cynical look at them,
too) - and would like to invite comments on the reader's

What would be the overall impression? What would strike
you (if you are a native speaker of English) as incorrect in
my intonation, rhythm, pronunciation of certain sounds
etc. etc. , whatever it is that jars the ear.
Of course any opinion is welcome, whether you are a native
English speaker or not.

No need to be polite, be direct about it. I did a similar test
over a year ago and would like to see if the overall impression
changed much.

The 1MB MP3 file is here

Thank you in advance.


"Cindy approached Keely expecting to be ushered perfunctorily
into the auditorium just as the twenty or so previous auditionees
had been, but in fact Keely held her back, seeming inclined to chat.

‘You OK, babes?’ Keely said, her voice full of concern. ‘Cos I know you’re
like really, really, really delicate and sensitive and you’re so lovely.’

‘Uhm, yeah, I’m OK, Keely,’ Cindy replied, slightly taken aback.
‘Bit nervous, of course.’

‘BABES!’ Keely almost wailed. ‘Babes, babes, babes! I know.
Of COURSE you’re nervous. It’s really, really tough. Just you do your
best, girl.’

Cindy did not know it but against her name in the day’s production
schedule had been written the words ‘Weepy-looking Clinger. Looks
delicate. Reject and MTT.’ MTT was Chart Throb code for Milk The Tears.

As Cindy disappeared into the wings she could hear Keely addressing the
camera behind her.

‘Bless!’ said Keely. ‘Oh bless!’

‘Hello, Cindy!’ called Beryl as Cindy walked on to the stage. ‘Welcome to Pop
School. This is where it gets tough, you know. Are you ready for that?’

‘Yes. Yes I am, Beryl,’ Cindy assured her in a clear, confident voice.

And indeed she was, she was at least as psychologically and emotionally prepared
for pop stardom as most of the other contenders present that day. She wanted
it desperately, would do anything for it and, what’s more, she could sing better
than most of them too. But that didn’t matter: what mattered was that she
looked delicate and vulnerable, so that was what she was going to be."

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