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New fic comm

Hi everyone, I've made a new comm specifically for posting fanfiction and normal fiction that you've written in any language that's not your native one: langfic

Really any language, as in even a language you've made up yourself, or a language used only in some novel you read. You can ask for corrections but you don't have to. Likewise, you can post a translation but you don't have to. You can be any skill level (though ideally not fluent) and the fics can be any length — if you don't know how to use adjectives or adverbs then simply don't use them, it's that kind of place. If you're too low-level to be able to "really" write anything, then try to piece together some kind of story using stolen sentences that you edit a bit — "she nodded her head, he said" turns into "he nodded his head, he whispered" etc.

I think writing is good practise but posting fanfic on real sites (such as FFN and AO3) can quickly breed mean comments so I thought a community where we all share the "I'm still learning" feeling was better. There's probably a lot of people here who write fiction as practise already so I thought I would come advertise! If the mods could add this to the list of comms related to linguaphiles I'd be appreciative.

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