petrusplancius (petrusplancius) wrote in linguaphiles,

Dutch query

I wonder if someone can help me in finding the right translation for a C17 Dutch sentence. It comes from an account of Shivaji's sack of Surat in 1664. In the course of the sack, fires broke out, and at one stage the Dutch lodge came under threat from fire, but it was saved because the wind turned. The wind veered from the North to the East, so we are told, running round a quarter of the compass in half an hour. The writer then comments: 'Een merkelijke weldaad van de winden uit sijne schatkameren voortbrengt en na sijn welgevallen bestiert, want daardoor bleef onse logie buiten gevaar...' [spelling modernized] I can't make sense of the italicized section, what is the subject of the sentence, what is doing the bringing forth and directing? Perhaps something has fallen out of the sentence and the author was suggesting that this was an intervention by God? Or am I just being thick?

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