walkrodarkness (walkrodarkness) wrote in linguaphiles,

Looking for language help please, if anyone has the time.

So I'm writing a story on Fanfic.net and using a multi-national cast of characters. Right now, I'm working on a particular scene with a Parisian born French man, but I've hit a slight snag. Let me set it up appropriately:

Charles (our hero), has just been having a quiet night out at a restaurant with his girlfriend, Franchesca, and his friends. As they exit the restaurant, the group is assaulted by a number of thugs, and Franchesca is thrown into a van and taken with them. Charles is told that "She's gone, and there's nothing we can do about it."

Now comes for the language help:

"(Insert phrase)," Charles snarls vehemently as he spots a parked motorcycle, jumps on and roars off in pursuit.

In English (well, the American style anyway...) I could see people using something akin to "f*** that noise" or "to h*** with that". But I don't think that's what might be said. I included Charles hometown in case of local slang/collaqualisms. While Charles MIGHT swear in English, for the sake of storytelling, it'll be something that comes as he just doesn't know how to express his outrage at the statement/moment in English.

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