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Calluna V.

Spanish <==> English community in the offing

Okay. So, there's been some interest, and hopefully once things are going, there will be a little more, and if it stays moderately small that will be fine.

The two best ideas seem to be trying to get aprende_espanol going again, or start a new community, and I think I'm leaning toward the latter, for two reasons. The first is, I don't know who was running aprende_espanol, and it seems rude to sort of barge in and try to stir it up again. Second and more important is, the name of that suggests that it's a community for people learning Spanish. But if I could, what I'd really like would be a community for both people learning Spanish and for Spanish-speakers studying English (or, heck, studying other languages). I really do want the arrow between Spanish and English to go both ways, and even if everyone who shows up to start with is learning Spanish, I'd like for the premise of the group to be welcoming to people doing things the other way around as well.

I'll look into how to start a community, and then I'll draft a bilingual profile page, and then I'll ask people here to fix it for me, possibly repeatedly, and I'll try to get it off the ground sometime soon. If someone was willing to be/interested in being a co-moderator with me, that would be extra-special awesome.

(The great/terrible thing about studying Spanish so intensively and seeking out communities where I'm in contact with Spanish-speakers learning English is that I start looking at _everything_ with an eye to, 'How on earth would I explain how I chose which words to use, there. How could I even start to explain the ironic violation of grammar in 'extra-special awesome', or how someone might use it, or why they probably don't want to? I love it, but it's meta enough to make my eyes cross.)

If anyone wants to be a moderator, or has thoughts about anything from name of group (I was thinking something kitchy like 'Juntos', but I am very open to suggestions) to things the profile page should or shouldn't say or do, to ways to spread the word to people who might be interested, please say.
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