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Intro post

Hi everyone! (Forgive my empty journal, I just made a new one yesterday.)

My languages are:

English - Native language.

Icelandic - Studied for two years then mostly abandoned it (in part due to lack of anyone nice/sane/with common interests to talk to in it).
I can read more than I can do anything else, but I still have all my textbooks in case someone wants me to look something up.

Swedish - I've been living in Sweden with a Swedish family for three years but I don't study or use Swedish much because I'm not active in society (no job, no friends, and unfortunately my classes are taught by distance and in English). So I can understand a lot but I'm not fluent.

Esperanto - I started studying this last summer and by now I'm fairly good at it, but not fluent yet. A lot of people seem to have learnt the language based on a big misunderstanding of how the basic grammar works, or they don't realize what compound words are in other languages (ex. every foreign language that I've studied says "fire mountain" for "volcano", so I think it's alright to write "fire mountain" in Esperanto but then someone pops up saying I can't). So I mostly use it for my own purposes and don't talk to other people in it. I'd really like to meet other fandom people who use it though!

Japanese - I started studying in February and took a half-semester class, since then I've studied on and off on my own but I'll start classes again in October. I know basic grammar and around 400 kanji, so I can get the gist of some stuff (in videogames) but I never try to produce it myself except if it's for class.

Indonesian - I started learning this just a few days ago. Right now I'm still looking at the grammar, I've been looking in several books and they all tend to say different things about how the prefixes/suffixes are used so it's a little confusing.
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