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FRENCH: death centered expressions

I am translating p 390-391 from Aries "L'Homme devant la mort" for my class and I'm really not sure about these two expressions:

1. Les miracles des cadavres - does he mean the miracles done by the dead/the corpses OR the miracles that happened to the dead bodies? Is it even possible to tell? I thought the latter, but then I checked in the official translation, and it's the former there.

2. Les cadavres dévoreurs - the dead bodies that eat (something/somebody) OR (something/somebody) who eats the dead bodies?

Forgive me for the macabre images.

Context: "Une abondante littérature spécialisée reprit alors les anciennes données, les miracles des cadavres, les cris entendus dans les tombeaux, les cadavres dévoreurs, pour les réinterpréter à la lumière de ce qu'on savait de la mort apparente."
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