booq (booq) wrote in linguaphiles,

Nicholas Culpeper's The English Physician Enlarged

Hi everybody,
There's a little problem in my understanding the text below. My writer refers to Culpeper. Would you please explain what Culpeper meant? Seems a kind of joke which I cannot fully understand. What is the gist of the matter?
"Culpeper also mentions Hypericum in his herbal, and explains the name St. John's Wort in the following quaint manner: "It may be if you meet with a Papist that is an Astrologer, he will tell you that St. John made it over to him by a Letter of Attorney, especially if withal he be a Lawyer also. St. John's Wort is as a singular wound herb as any other whatsoever, either for inward wounds, hurts or bruises, to be boild in Wine and drank; or prepared in Oil or Ointment, Bath or Lotion outwardly."
Thank you in advance.

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