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Motivational support comm for Japanese learners

benkyou_shiyou (profile)

Hi everyone! I'm trying to start up a new community offering weekly motivational posts, check-ins, and support for people learning Japanese and struggling to keep on schedule or advancing to intermediate-advance. The community allows participants to set a goal at the beginning of an annual round (beginning 3/1/2015 and ending 2/29/2016) and posts weekly check-ins in which participants can help encourage one another and update everyone on their weekly progress. It's a way to keep ourselves accountable, or at least keep track of our goals to get better at Japanese.

There are probably other things like this in other Japanese learning communities, but I really wanted to create a place for LJ users because I like the kind of people I've met on LJ (and DW, InsaneJournal, etc.) a lot, on the whole, and want to continue to use LJ to interact with others.
This is still just a concept and I'd like to get some feelers out on this.  I would love listen to any suggestions you guys might have!  We're taking claims for weekly motivational posts/check-in posters for the upcoming year, if anyone wants to help out as well!

Hopefully it's all right that I'm posting this here!  I tried to contact the mod but got no response, but if anyone feels uncomfortable about this post please let me know and I'll remove it! (xposted to learn_japanese)
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