petrusplancius (petrusplancius) wrote in linguaphiles,

Awkward title

I see that Jessica Mitford's memoir of herself and her odd collection of sisters (who included a communist, a Nazi and a Duchess) has been translated into German. One might have thought that the title 'Hons and Rebels' would present a problem, referring as it does to the use of hon(ourable) as title in Britain for daughters of a lord, but I could never have believed that they would translate it as 'Hunnen und Rebellen'!!

Someone has remarked in an Amazon review:
Wie kann so eine schlimme Fehlübersetzung passieren? Im Original heißt das Buch "Hons and Rebels", wobei sich "Hons" als Abkürzung des Titels "Honourable", also "Ehrenwerter" liest. Somit kein Stern für den deutschen Titel :)

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