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Hebrew name

I'm writing a historical A/U, and I need to translate the word "prince" into Hebrew. I've tried various online translation sites, but they would only give me Hebrew script ... which I can't use on a Western keyboard, much less read or pronounce. It should therefore be at least an approximation in Latin script that ideally could function as a name or title -- if such a thing exists, that is.

I'm aware that Jewish naming traditions generally went more by "X son of Y", or maybe "X of placename" in the era I'm thinking of, but some research has shown that individuals known by the more conventional "first name + surname" did exist at the time (or were referenced as such), and the character I need the name for comes from a family that has converted to Christianity to avoid persecution, so I'm thinking they might have adopted that custom, too. (I also have my reasons for them not simply choosing a common name from the country they're living in, or going by profession/trade.)

Help, please?

First post here, I have no idea if I tagged this correctly -- so just in case, sorry!
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