Паровозик, который смог (belcantante) wrote in linguaphiles,
Паровозик, который смог

Abbreviation BB in the Hebrew translation of Nineteen Eighty-Four.

When translating the Nineteen Eighty-Four into Hebrew, the translator has left the abbreviation BB untranslated in the Two Minutes Hate scene, but simply transliterated it instead. Do you think he was right in so doing and if not, what were the other options?


Interestingly, in the canteen scene, when Syme is talking with Winston, the translator did not transliterate the abbreviation, but rendered it as א.ג. Why he could not have done so in first instance and had he done so, what people would be actually chanting in Hebrew in the first scene? Would they be like "aleph-gimel, aleph-gimel"? Would this make sense or not?
Tags: hebrew

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