Oryx-and-Crake (oryx_and_crake) wrote in linguaphiles,

Scottish food - inginininaa?

Dear linguaphiles,

What is an "inginininaa"? it is obviously food, but other than that I could not find any information. The spelling may be idiosyncratic.
These are the only two usage examples I have found in the internet:
"He went to Wallace’s for the classic Dundee take-away – a plain bridie and ‘an inginininaa’ (‘an onion one as well, if you would be so kind’)."
"carra, is that variation on scottish version of balanced diet - a peh in 1 hand & a bridie in the other. hang on, might as well have an "inginininaa'".

(Peh is a local pronunciation of pie, and bridie is a Forfar meat pie, so inginininaa may be a version of the latter.)

Thank you!

UPDATE: it means "‘an onion one as well" and is actually deciphered in brackets in the first of my quotations. I obviously have to pay more attention. This is what Wikipedia says:
The bridie is the subject of the Dundee Scots shibboleth, "Twa bridies, a plen ane an an ingin ane an a" (Two bridies, a plain one and an onion one as well)

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