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Volunteer Spanish Translators?

Kiva is an organization that works with microfinance organizations in many countries all over the world. Kiva works to attract small lenders in places like the US and Europe, who lend amounts like $25 to borrowers who need financing to start or continue very small business ventures.

I work as a volunteer editor of English-language loans, and I'm here today to ask if any of you have a few hours a week to translate Spanish-language loans into English. Here's a sample of a loan that's been published.

The work is done online, at your own pace, and if you want, there are online discussions with other volunteers about problems, questions, and sharing interesting thoughts.

I always feel happy when I've done some editing--I learn so much about how people live and work in the Philippines, Kenya, Tajikistan, and Samoa, and I'm so heartened to see how much energy and courage they have, and how much difference just a little support can make in their lives.

If you have any time to spare and have good Spanish and English skills, here's a link to more information about becoming a volunteer, and also I'll be glad to tell you what I can.

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