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A bit of help improving the wording in French and German

Hi, I'd like some input from native French & German speakers here. It's for some product descriptions for an online shop. The site I use lets you add translations for any other languages you speak. Most of the other items in the shop are zines in English or art prints, so there's either no point having a blurb in other languages or it's simple sentences about the measurements/material. I have no problem handling the customer service in FR & DE, I'm just not used to the specialist job of writing marketing blurb in those languages and feel these product descriptions could do with a bit of tweaking/removing silly mistakes, and could probably do with being a bit clearer.

This is the item, to make things clearer:
stamp badges bag small

Vintage Stamp Badges- Lucky Dip!
Four brooches made of varnished vintage stamps from an assortment of countries, backed with felt and a badge fastener. Sizes and designs vary.

Please note you will *not* receive the same stamps as in the photograph, each bag is different.

Vintage Briefmarken Buttons- Grabbelsack!
Vier Buttons aus lackierte vintage Briefmarken, von verschiedene Länder, mit Filzstoffrücken und Fibeln. Verschiedene Muster und Grössen.

Bitte notieren: mann bekommt *nicht* die selbe Briefmarken wie in Bild, jeder Sack ist anders.

Badges des Timbres Vintages- Pochette Surprise!
Quatre badges de timbres vintages d'un varieté des pays, fabriqués avec timbres vernis et envers de feutre avec épingle. Varieté des motifs et tailles.

Veuillez notez qu'on ne recevra *pas* les mêmes timbres que l'image, chaque pochette est unique.

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