Asma Siddique (azuma_chan) wrote in linguaphiles,
Asma Siddique

French Resources for Beginner

Hello everyone and good evening, Asma here.

I'm a big fan for learning langauges. I know number of them in different levels, my goal is to be able to speak 6 languages before turning 30. It shouldn't have to be perfect, if I can get the correct grammar and enough vocabularies for general conversation that would be satisfying. Currently I got into French, one thing I noticed about it is the reading, it's rather challenging for a beginner since there are many silents in the words. Can anyone give me any good site or even suggest me any books?! I looked up sites online but they aren't much. I believe a site would be better since I can hear to the audio for the words but a books won't be a bad idea either.

Thank you for your help in advance.

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