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Terms for glass containers (any languages) and a quick Yiddish question

Hi all.

I'm trying to trace the origin of a peculiar Russian term (rather, a few seemingly related terms) for small glass containers of alcohol-containing liquids (including toiletries). These include fanfurik (фанфурик), funfyrik (фунфырик), fufyrik (фуфырик). The -ik in all the three terms is a diminutive suffix, so you can ignore it.

The question is: have you come across a similar-sounding or somehow related term (including slang) with a similar/related meaning in your language (or any other language)? The focus is on the way the word sounds, less so on the meaning. Please, note that I am not asking about seemingly non-related terms for glass containers in your language (but if you are in doubt, please comment).

And a quick question for those who speak or are familiar with Yiddish. Have you ever come across any Yiddish verb derived from Germ. hofieren? If you have, what does it sound like, what does it mean and is it used in slang?

Looking forward to your replies.
Tags: etymology, russian, yiddish

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