Neverspeak (iconoclass) wrote in linguaphiles,

Anki 1.x

Is anyone familiar with the old Anki? I have a deck made up of two types of cards (two templates). One is front: word and back: picture, and the other is the reverse of that (picture on the front, word on the back).

With every other deck I've ever created, Anki first presents me with cards from that first template: shows me the word, and the answer is the picture. Depending on the preferences I've set, cards from the reverse template start to show up some time in the future. With my latest deck, cards from the reverse template are showing up first, which I do not want. Why? Or, more importantly, how can I change this?
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just a remark: unless you're running anki on a very old device, upgrade it to version 2.x
I've tried that on three separate occasions. Anki 2 always destroys my decks, so I gave up.
For what it's worth, I also much prefer the Anki v.1.
"Or, more importantly, how can I change this?" -- by asking in an appropriate Anki forum in their support pages. They would know, not the people here
It is perfectly appropriate to ask questions about Anki and other language-learning software in this comm. If such questions do not interest you, please ignore them.
It might have to do with which one you input first. One time I made a deck with where I had switched what was on which side because I wasn't thinking, and it did that.
Seems like I fixed it by changing Display Order to "Show new cards in order added" in the Study Options.