Neverspeak (iconoclass) wrote in linguaphiles,

Typing Japanese

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Have you considered changing to a romaji based input? That's what I use.
How does that distinguish between hiragana and katakana?
Oh my computer you click to choose to type in either hiragana or katakana.
After adding Japanese as one of the languages on your computer in your settings, there's a drop down menu that will have katakana, hiragana, romaji etc.

i don't know what setup you have, but it's worked for both Windows and mac in my case.

For Windows:

For Mac:

Hope that helps! It's much much easier in my opinion.
You type the word, press space to convert, and if it's a commonly katakana word, it'll automatically change to katakana. If it's not, just scroll down until you hit the conversion you want.
Actually, I've just found that I have ヘ when I switch to katakana input, so I can use that. Kind of a pain to switch keyboard layouts in the middle of a sentence, though, so another solution would be nice.
Just type "he"? Are you not using an IME or something?

Small ya is "xya".
I'm not using IME. Perhaps that's more popular than I thought it was.
I live in Tokyo and work with Japanese people and have yet to meet one or work in an office that DIDN'T use IME.
Maybe it's an OS-specific thing. Japanese-speakers have to use the English alphabit to type their own language? What a pain.
Well they all learn how to write romaji in school, so it's not that hard for them as I understand it? None that I've seen have ever had a problem with it, and you'll even see it in things like comics and stuff, where if a character is cut off in the middle of a sentence that's supposed to end, for example, in 食べた, they'll say "~食べt" (because to type た, you write ta even by Japanese speakers, rather than a dedicated た key.)
They do have a Japanese keyboard setup but I hardly know anyone who uses it. Even on the phones they use romaji to type in Japanese lol