Olga Yermishkina (orie) wrote in linguaphiles,
Olga Yermishkina

postcards to Finland and books in Finnish


I have two question on Finnish language.

1. Is there a website where I can buy or download electronic books in Simplified Language (selkosuomi, selkokirjat)? They must be for adults. I found several books on suomalainen.com, but they are not electronic.

2. I want to send postcards in Finnish language. I registered on postcrossing.com, but soon I found out that I can't choose the country where I will send. Is there a way I can get addresses of people who are willing to receive postcards, limited to specific country? Any ideas?

Thank you very much in advance!
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If you visit the Finnish subform of the Postcrossing forum (forum dot postcrossing dot com -> Postcrossing communities -> Finnish - Suomi), you should have no problem arranging direct swaps with Finnish Postcrossers. (You may have to offer to send your card first, though, if you don't have much of a history on the official site - people sometimes vet their swapping partners by whether they have sent/received some official cards.)

Good luck!
Thank you very much!
I did some searching, and it seems that there is only few (one?) selkokirjas published as ebooks. There is a book about taking care of one's dog which can be found and downloaded here: http://papunet.net/selko/koiran-hoitaminen/. There is a selkokirja ebook project going on, and the next selkokirja book they seem to be planning to publish is a detective story called Kuolema kirkon varjossa. It should be published soon. But as now, it seems that if one wants to read selkokirja, they must buy it in non-electronic format.
Thank you very much for your efforts!

I will start with the book about a dog, I love dogs :) I am at a beginner level now, so I think they may be ready with the second book when I finish the first :)))))