booq (booq) wrote in linguaphiles,

unknown legend?

Hi everybody,

the text below has got something obscure to me:

This latent symptom is like a dark warrior, hiding behind a closed door, ready to attack when weakness is perceived.

The meaning is quite clear. The question, Is this very character of dark warrion, hiding behing a closed door something well-known or fabulous? Whence has the writer taken it from? Or is it just an author's fiction maybe?
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I don't recognize "dark warrior" as an allusion to anything specific, but my lack of recognition doesn't prove anything. :(
Thank you!
I think it's a typical figure from books, TV, movies, etc.--not some specific reference.
Thank you a lot.
I agree with the other commenters -- it doesn't make me think of any specific dark warriors, just the general idea.
Thank you very much.
Dark has a much stronger connotation of evil than Russian темный, especially after Star Wars. This said, this particular combination is not any more idiomatic than the dark side, dark knight etc.

P. S. Why is that that your post reminds me of the movie "Everything is illuminated?"
Не знаю, кина этого никогда не видел )))
You should. It's very good.

The main character speak very unique English that your post somehow reminded me of.