lied_ohne_worte (lied_ohne_worte) wrote in linguaphiles,

Recommendations for extremely basic Dutch?

I've spontaneously decided to go to Belgium for a few days next week. My French is rusty but should be sufficient for the French areas and will likely improve once I'm using it. Anything complex I hope I will be able to do in English and/or German. However, I'd like to at least have polite basics in Dutch so I can, say, say "good morning" when entering a room. My travel guide has Dutch words of that sort, but while I can read Dutch with a bit of imagination extrapolating from my other languages, the pronunciation is generally far from what a German like myself would go for from looking at it, and of course that guide came without pronunciation help.

Would anyone have a recommendation for online resources that give me such polite basics in Dutch as it occurs in Belgium as audio and/or video? I'd prefer a real speaker sounding them out for non-native learners to a dictionary in this case.
Tags: dutch

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