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Hello, can you help me translate these 2 sheets of paper. It is Japanese possibly, but I’m not sure.

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It IS japanese. I see "yoroshiku" and some hiragana signs
Looks like maybe a small child's handwriting? It seems to look like 'Mama' at the top. Maybe a letter?
Last letter. See below. ご冥福を祈ります
It's definitely Japanese, but I can't get much out of it beyond that. The handwriting is really terrible. Do you know what circumstances it was written under? It seems like the person was writing in a moving vehicle, or in an extreme hurry, or something? Maybe a hand injury or very bad eyesight? (Seriously, that handwriting is REALLY bad.)
Oh my gosh. That...certainly explains the handwriting. Wow. That's horrifying.

And OK, my Japanese skills are basic but my Google skills are great: I've found both the full text of the letter and multiple English translations!

There are English translations of the letters here:
Hirotsugu Kawaguchi's is clearly the best candidate to match what you have here.

So I found the kanji for his name (河口 博次) on this passenger list: http://www.webcitation.org/6JBvAE15x

And googling "河口 博次 JL123" led me to this webpage:
Which definitely shows the same letter as your pictures, and has a full transcription. (The full letter was 7 pages long.)
(There's also a seemingly slightly different transcription at http://tsairuoyun.wordpress.com/2011/07/06/日本航空123號班機空難-河口博次的遺書/ )

So in short, this is definitely Hirotsugu Kawaguchi's letter, and it's the most famous, so aside from the translation at hood-online.co.uk you can find various other translations in articles about the crash.

I'll try to identify which pages/sections of the letter your pictures show, just a moment.
A would appriciate if you show full letter, didn't know its just part of it.


July 6 2014, 18:11:56 UTC 3 years ago Edited:  July 6 2014, 18:35:30 UTC

Your photos show 4 out of the 7 pages, so it's the majority of the letter.
Here's a large, clear image of what seems to be all the pages: http://kuruten.jp/blog/userdir/00014765/images/a00002634541.jpg
(source: http://blog.kuruten.jp/eiken-world/263454 )

You can find the translation of the whole letter at http://www.hood-online.co.uk/JL123/isho.php, and a transcription in Japanese of the whole letter at the sites I mentioned in my other comment.
(the one at http://tsairuoyun.wordpress.com/2011/07/06/日本航空123號班機空難-河口博次的遺書/ seems more accurate to me, because in your picture it almost certainly says "6時半" for "6:30", not "六時半" like the transcription at http://www.goennet.ne.jp/~hohri/n-isyo.htm)

マリコ 津慶 知代子 (Mariko, Tsuyoshi, Chiyoko) <--start of the page in your 2nd picture
どうか仲良くがんばって  (Be good to each other and work hard.)
ママをたすけて下さい (Please help your mother.)
パパは本当に残念だ きっと助かるまい (It's sad, but I'm sure Papa won't make it.)
原因は分からない (I don't know the cause)
今5分たった (It's been five minutes now)

もう飛行機には乗りたくない (I don't want to take any more planes.) <--start of the section not in your pictures)
どうか神様 たすけて下さい (Please kami-sama/God/gods help me.)
きのうみんなと食事したのは最後とは (To think that our dinner last night was the last time.)
何か機内で 爆発したような形で煙が出て 降下しだした (There was some sort of explosion in the cabin. There was smoke and we started to descend.)
どこへどうなるのか (Where are we going, what will happen?)
津慶 しっかりたのんだぞ (Tsuyoshi , I'm counting on you)
ママ こんな事になるとは残念だ (Mama, it's too bad that this has happened.) <--start of the page in your 1st picture
さようなら  (Goodbye.)
子供達の事をよろしくたのむ (Please take good care of the children.)
今6時半だ (It's 6:30 now.)
飛行機はまわりながら急速に降下中だ (The plane is turning around and descending rapidly.)
本当に今までは 幸せな人生だったと感謝している (I am grateful for the truly happy life I have enjoyed until now.)

[I get tears in my eyes every time I read that last line.]
This is horrifying, but I don't understand how the letters themselves survived the crash and fire. With all the debris, burning, and water/other chemicals used to put out fire, how could any of these stay intact?


July 16 2014, 22:08:51 UTC 3 years ago Edited:  July 16 2014, 22:09:20 UTC

I have seen that flight on aircrash investigation. Talk about a big human stuff up there(in regards to the emergency services and the pilots) I am not surprised that the writing is as wobbly as that.