superigel (superigel) wrote in linguaphiles,

A Quicky - Subtitles in what language?

This will probably be quick. What is the language of the subtitles on this movie? I'm thinking Bosnian? Serbian? Something else?

I wanted to watch Breaker Morant again, and I found the full movie on YouTube, and was just curious.
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Croatian, I think.
At first I was going to agree that it was indeed Croatian, but after watching five minutes of the movie I'm thinking the subtitles were done by a Serbian from Bosnia and Herzegovina, mostly based on the fact that the names of characters/locations are left in their original forms instead of translated(as Serbians do, e.g. Hunt would be Hant),.

Why don't I think it's Croatian? Mostly because of the (almost complete) absence of ijekavica, or , puting 'ij' where an 'e' in Serbian is(man=čovek in Serbian, čovijek in both Croatian and Bosnian; child=dete in Serbian, dijete in both Croatian and Bosnian etc). Some of the terms in those first five minutes I know would be different in Croatian, also, though not many.

So, these are pretty much Serbian subtitles, most probably done by a person who has been away for some time from Bosnia and Herzegovina as I only notice ijekavica in some of the words --and that has always been fascinating to me, how even after living in Serbia for twenty years, some words would always retain the form of ijekavica, even if all the others do not. You can leave your home, but home never leaves you, I guess.

Again, this is my take after watching only the first five minutes.

Čovek in ijekavica is čovjek, not čovijek.

Where are you from originally?
I can't believe I actually wrote "čovjek" with an "i", that's so lame of me. I am from Serbia and must admit that even though I'm part Croatian, sometimes I mess up such simple things like the effing word for "man", sorry. I was looking at the page that was in the description of the movie on YT because I caught the "SC" something written in the left upper corner and it made me think that the subtitles were maybe some form of serbo-croatian, but I'm not so sure that's what's going on with this subtitle?
I'm not sure either - it seems to be a mixture of ekavian & ijekavian, but I'm not a native speaker. I'm off to Rabac next week on holiday, but i haven't been to ex-Yu since August.

Belgrade is possibly my favourite place in the world. I miss proper Serbian food. :)
That mixture was used in the good ol' days of communism and was called "serbo-croatian", so that's probably the best guess for now xD It seems like the website is intended for ex-Yu people, a sort of imdb with subtitled movies for them, er, us. If you ever get to Novi Sad when you visit Serbia, hit me up. It's not as lively as Belgrade but there's a place with pljeskavica at pretty much every corner :)
After googling some of the words around I got hits that said Croation, or possibly Serbian, or possibly a few other languages. That's why I posted it here. I'm guessing there's a lot of ebb and flow between those languages.
Yeah, the thing with Croatian/Serbian/Bosnian is that they're pretty much like British English/American English/Aussie English, enough differences to be somewhat confusing, but similar enough that if you speak one of them, you'll be understood by all of them.
It's probably a bit late now for this particular post, but I suggest it would be considerate to post a warning above the video placeholder that it's going to load the entire film, ie almost two hours. Many people are still on capped broadband contracts and it can be a big problem to have a whole film download when you're not expecting it. Possibly just a still of some subtitles and a link to the film would be better.
That's why going to tumblr is a torture for me, so many gifs! I usually end up stopping the loading of the page I'm on and open up each post separately so I don't burn through my poor processor...