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Translation from Chinese

If someone could translate each of the numbered pieces of text into English, I would very much appreciate it.  Thank you!

Tags: chinese, translation, translation request
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#2 is the character for "tea". I don't know about the rest.
#1 and #2 together actually form a single phrase: 龙溪绿茶 "Longxi Green Tea". Longxi ("Dragon
Stream") is apparently a village in Qingyuan County (庆元县) in Zhejiang Province.

I'll transcribe the rest tomorrow if someone else doesn't get to it first.
Thank you! I was curious to see if any of these inscriptions actually tell you more about the tea itself (like ingredients, type of tea, etc.). But this is interesting, too. Looks like this province is renowned for its tea, according to Wikipedia.
Not really. (3) says something about the county where the tea is cultivated being #1 for "ecological environment", whatever that might mean. (4) is a brand name (lit. "Dragon Peak Mist") and (5) is the name of the tea company. (I tried to find an English-language website for them but had no luck.)

I've had a least a dozen different varieties of Chinese green tea over the years, but Longxi isn't one of I've heard of before, so I don't have any idea what its characteristics are. The name reminds me of the much better-known Dragon Well (Longjing) tea, also from Zhejiang, but this may be simply a coincidence. (Lots of Chinese place names begin with "dragon".)
Someone brought this tea for me from China as a gift, and I missed the opportunity to ask him all about it (if that was ever appropriate). The tea tastes great, though. Thanks again for the info!
Thanks! That's a cool little bit of knowledge. :)