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How do you say...?

Hello, friends.

I would like to know how to say the words "whisper" (both noun and verb, if the two aren't the same word) and "shadow" (the noun, as in 'an [object] made of shadow') in as many languages as possible (phonetically, please). Can you help me?

Thank you so much :)
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Portuguese: whisper = sussurrar (soo-soo-har); shadow = sombra (sohm-bruh).
Thank you very much :)

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Russian: whisper noun = шёпот (sho-pot), whisper verb indefinite form = шептать (shep-tat`)
shadow = тень (ten`)
shadow whispers = тень шепчет (ten` shep-chet), shadow`s whisper = шёпот тени (sho-pot ten-ee)
When you say "phonetically", what are you looking for? Can you read IPA, for instance? Would you prefer links to sound files?


May 30 2014, 03:51:54 UTC 3 years ago Edited:  May 30 2014, 03:56:54 UTC

chuchoter - whisper [ʃy.ʃo.te]
ombre (la) - shadow [ōmbʁ]


May 30 2014, 05:06:51 UTC 3 years ago Edited:  May 30 2014, 05:10:11 UTC

- flüstern [ˈflʏstɐn] (verb), Flüstern or Geflüster (noun), but also wispern [ˈvɪspɐn] (verb), Wispern or Gewisper (noun) - but that's not as common as flüstern
- Schatten [ˈʃatn]
Hungarian :) My IPA is a bit rusty but I'll try.
to whisper = suttog [ʃuttoɡ]
whisper = suttogás [ʃuttoɡaːʃ]
shadow = árnyék [aːɾɲeːk]
whisper (n): Lehisha.
whisper (v): Li'Lhosh.
shadow: Tsel.
Whisper: susurrar /susuräɾ/ noun: susurro /susuro̞/
Shadow: sombrar /so̞mbɾäɾ/ noun: sombra /so̞mbɾä/
Welsh: sibrwd [ˈʃɪbɾʊd] (both noun and verb), cysgod [ˈkʰəskɔd].
Irish: cogar [ˈkʰɔgəɾˠ] (noun only), scáth [ˈsˠkɑh]

Irish has no verb corresponding to "whisper" in English; you have to use a periphrastic construction like "speaking in a whisper" (labhairt i gcogar) or even "give whisper to" (cogar a tabhairt do) if you want to use it in a transitive sense.

Neither Welsh nor Irish has an infinitive, which is the form of the verb others have been posting. In Welsh, the citation form is the verb-noun; for Irish, it is that, the imperative, or the first-person singular present tense. I'm not sure which of these forms you want me to phoneticise.
Brazilian Portuguese

whisper = sussurro /su.ˈsu.xu/
to whisper = sussurrar /ˈxar/
shadow = sombra /ˈsõ.bɾa/
whisper - šepot (she - pot)
to whisper - šeptat (shep - tat)
shadow - stín (I am not able to transcript this, sorry - try Google for hearing it)

a whisper - kuiskaus (kwis-kows)
to whisper - kuiskata (kwis-kah-tah)
shadow - varjo (vaR-yoh) (we roll our Rs)

My browser hates IPA, so the "transcripts" are the closest approximations I could come up with on the spot, assuming they're read aloud by a native English speaker with a fairly standard accent.
whisper (noun) - sosin (soh-sin)
whisper (verb) - sosistama (soh-sis-tah-mah)
shadow - vari (vahri, i as in sister)