Panda Girang (harehare) wrote in linguaphiles,
Panda Girang

help me find the lyric of this song? (french) (psaume 61)


I know it's psalm 61 but that's about it.
I tried googling it but no result comes up... the psaume 61 (modern version?) seems different... I thought it will be easy to find hymn lyric but turns out it's not :(
Please help, thank you!
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It's a different translation by Joseph Merrick, who wrote a lot of psalms into hymns. If you go to this text page and search for 126 PSALM LXII (yes, i know that's 62) you will see it. There's lots of messed up characters at the top of the page, the text is underneath that.
If you are in somewhere French-speaking and have access to a music library (at a big city/public library or a university library), it might be easiest to do it the old fashioned way and just go and look up the sheet music. Analogue often beats digital for music.
well i'm far from any french speaking country^^; but thanks!


May 21 2014, 10:22:38 UTC 3 years ago Edited:  May 21 2014, 10:32:14 UTC

The text as heard in your link:

Seigneur, exauce ma prière
et veuille m'accorder le temps
de voir grandir sur cette terre
tous les enfants de mes enfants.
Permets qu'instruits par mon exemple
mes descendants, tous vertueux,
souvent reviennent dans ton temple
courber leurs fronts respectueux.
Et là, disant du fonds de l'âme
sa gratitude et sa ferveur,
qu'à pleine voix chacun proclame
louange et gloire au créateur!

From what I was able to find on the .fr google, it's Haydn but the text is contemporary, by Bernard Lallement (translated from German?), and sold here.

Edit: yeah, translated, actually, adapted from German, according to the very end of that pdf available in the second link.
thank you <3 !
Just so you know, the numbering of the psalms differs between Catholic and Protestant translations of the Bible, due to slightly different numbering systems in Greek and Hebrew. Here's a summary of why you were confused!