allseeingusagi (allseeingusagi) wrote in linguaphiles,

Basic Korean Translations [Also JPN]

I just picked up another language, and it's Korean.
I've been studying for a little while, and I'm trying to keep myself interested.
Does anyone know a website or a twitter account I can practice/learn new words?
There are some people I follow who speak very briefly but their vernacular is weird sometimes.

Also, while I'm asking, know any places to build up your Japanese reading?
There were a couple of places that I used to visit, but I don't have the URLs anymore.

I don't necessarily want flash card places, though for Korean that might be helpful starting out.
If I'm not being clear, feel free to ask; it's 01:40, and I just crash studied for three and a half-hours.

Tags: japanese, korean
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  • 4 comments and are the only sites that come to mind as being specifically for practising reading Japanese. What level would you say your Japanese is at? You could try websites aimed at kids like (look at the まなぼう section) or (there's a 読んでみよう section if you scroll down).
-whistles- What level? Eeh, embarrassingly enough N4, almost N3?
I say embarrassingly because of how long I've been at this/how many times I've backtracked.
I'll definitely look into those as well. Thank you~!
Some websites that I have found useful for Korean are talktomeinkorean and howtostudykorean. The Korean subreddit on Reddit is very good for practice and asking questions. Also I have had good luck with the Youtube videos from Busyatomdotcom. Hope that helps!

행운을 발어요!
Aah, I'll definitely look into them.
Thanks a lot!