allseeingusagi (allseeingusagi) wrote in linguaphiles,

Basic Korean Translations [Also JPN]

I just picked up another language, and it's Korean.
I've been studying for a little while, and I'm trying to keep myself interested.
Does anyone know a website or a twitter account I can practice/learn new words?
There are some people I follow who speak very briefly but their vernacular is weird sometimes.

Also, while I'm asking, know any places to build up your Japanese reading?
There were a couple of places that I used to visit, but I don't have the URLs anymore.

I don't necessarily want flash card places, though for Korean that might be helpful starting out.
If I'm not being clear, feel free to ask; it's 01:40, and I just crash studied for three and a half-hours.

Tags: japanese, korean

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